For me it's a " one stop shopping " web sight , plus it covers pretty well all races and gives me the chance to scope out the completion in the 70 to 74 category.
Keep up the great work.

I love researching previous times and age group winners for races that I have entered

RRR is #1 source when it come to race info and results.

It keeps me motivated..and I enjoy seeing my improvement over similar races on previous years. celebrates my greatest victories -- and is the kick-in-the-pants I need when I'm (obviously) slacking off in the greatest celebration of life and health: RUNNING!

I check road race results at least once a month, love the graph and like to keep an eye on my competition before and after races.

You guys are doing an amazing job, really love RRR! It's amazing to have access to such a huge database of races/results!

Love Road Race Results cause they are awesome, reliable - #1 site I go too