Can I remove my results permanently from RRR?

You can refer to our Privacy Policy to learn more about this question Link. Under most circumstances we cannot remove data unless it has also been removed from the original source (online race result listing). If your name and race result is showing up on RRR it's because you registered, signed a waiver and agreed to allow your result to become public information. We suggest next time you enter a chip timed race to run without the timing device, allowing you to enjoy the experience but not receive an official final time. We cannot remove results because you were not happy with the end result!

I don't know why my name is listed on RRR, I never entered a race.

It's possible that someone with the exact same name as yours is a runner, or you may have been signed up for an event on behalf of a friend or family member and your race bib was sold or used by someone else. You may have also signed up for a "fun" run and were not aware that it was being timed.

Why can't I find my result?

When searching for a result the data must be entered exactly as it was in the results listing. When unable to find a result here are some quick solutions that may resolve your issue:
Did you finish the race or get disqualified/DQ'd? RoadRaceResults only posts finished/completed times.
Is it possible that you missed a timing mat or lost your timing chip?
Some timing chips (especially in older races) required you to activate the chip before starting the race, did your chip get activatred?
Have you moved recently? Try searching for your name using a previous city of residence.
Still no luck?
Try searching for your results without the province included in the search, or even with only your name with no residence attached.
Check that the name you are searching for is the name you registered under. Did you register with your maiden name?
Or maybe with a nick name or an abbreviation?
If you can't find your name searching the site as a whole, try searching for the event distance you raced.
Once you've found the results page for your event try searching for your name or bib number directly.
Still can't find your result?
Let us know using the Submission form.

When I search on google my name comes up, can you remove my name from your site because of this?

Your name is coming up on google, on our site, because you registered and ran in races and events that use chip timing. Please refer to our Privacy Policy found here Link

How do I know if my race is ranked using 'Gun Time' or 'Chip Time'?

RoadRaceResults is not responsible for choosing which time will be used as the official time. This is the responsibility of the organisation committee of each race.

What is the difference between 'Gun Time' and 'Chip Time'?

Many events calculate the official time based on the time when the event officially started. The difference between chip time and gun time is quite simple. Most awards are based on GUN TIME - the time from the start of the race (gun) to when you cross the finish line as per IAAF, Athletics Canada, USATF, AIMS and International Awards standards. Chip Time is the time between when the athlete crossed the start mat and when the athlete reached the finish line.

Here's an excerpt from the official rule book:
IAAF COMPETITION RULES 2014-2015 - Art 165.24e
Note: The official time shall be the time elapsed between the firing of the starting gun (or the synchronised start signal) and the athlete reaching the finish line. However, the time elapsed between an athlete crossing the start line and the finish line can be made known to him, but will not be considered an official time.

N.B. More events are now using only Chip time for results posting. However, the overall awards are still based on Gun time

How do I filter the results to only see the people in my category?

For each race, there exists an option to filter results by each category, click on the sort by drop down button at the top of the search results.

How can I fix my time or personal info?

If you think there is an error in the posted time for one of your results, or if there is a mistake in your personal information, you can track down the race timing company responsible. This is the company that has the original, official results, they can assist you in correcting such errors. Once fixed we can then assist on our site.

Why can't I claim my result?

A results claim could fail for several reasons. Listed below are the most common error messages and their recommended solutions.

I can`t find a older Race when I search?

There are a few reason that you may not be able to find a race

- Some races change names over the years. For example GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon = Toronto Marathon = Canadian International Marathon all these are the same race.
You could look up the race by month and year that you ran the race or do a search for your name using the Find a Runner tool, it will list all the races that contain your name, based on the year and month you should be able to narrow down your search to find the right list of results.
- Still can't find your result?
Let us know using the Submission form.