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PLACE TIME (net time) Ontario Ranking Road Warrior
Overall Age Group
 Scotiabank Marathon 16Oct11 2129   Roland Orlie (NORTH YORK) M65-69 4:19:58 (4:17:52) 4514160 (M60-69) 
 Toronto Marathon 17Oct10 1103   Roland Orlie (TORONTO) M60-64 4:14:22 (4:14:22) 4444128 (M60-69) 
 Toronto Marathon 14Oct07 595   Roland Orlie (Heidezberg) Men 60 - 64 3:51:44 (3:51:44) 246247 (M60-69) 
 Toronto Marathon 16Oct05 405   Roland Orlie (Toronto) M55-59 3:41:33 (3:41:30)