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PLACE TIME (net time) Ontario Ranking Road Warrior
Overall Age Group
 Niagara Falls Womens Half 3Jun12 123   Lynne Livingstone (London) F45-49 1:55:50 (1:55:43)    
 Robbie Burns 8K 23Jan11 286   Lynne Livingstone (London) SF45-49 42:36 (42:04) 473125 (F40-49) 
 Oktoberfest 10K 17Oct10 260   Lynne Livingstone (London) LF45-49 52:34 (52:01) 2043468 (F40-49) 
 The Chocolate Race 10K 29Aug10 33   Lynne Livingstone (London ON) LF40-49 59:08 (59:01)    
 Forest City 10K 2May10 129   Lynne Livingstone   LF45-49 54:44    
 London Downtown 5K 2Apr10 234   Lynne Livingstone (London) LF45-49 24:46    
 Springbank Half 6Sep09 224   Lynne Livingstone (London) HF45-49 2:03:45 (2:03:16) 70852022 (F40-49) 
 Forest City 10K 10May09 133   Lynne Livingstone (ONDON) Women40-49 52:52    
 London Downtown 5K 10Apr09 262   Lynne Livingstone (London) LF40-44 25:15 1512272 (F40-49) 
 Summer Night 5K 18Jul08 284   Lynne Livingstone (London) SF40-44 28:28    
 London Downtown 5K 21Mar08 267   Lynne Livingstone (London) LF40-44 26:49 2104442 (F40-49) 
 Runners' Choice 10K 13May07 175   Lynne Livingstone (London) Women 40 - 44 54:47 2218546 (F40-49) 
 London Downtown 5K 6Apr07 248   Lynne Livingstone (London) LF40-44 27:07 1536324 (F40-49) 
 Springbank 5K 10Sep06 72   Lynne Livingstone (London) F42 26:50    
 Summer Night 5K 21Jul06 280   Lynne Livingstone (London) F41 27:20    
 Runners Choice 10k 14May06 134   Lynne Livingstone (London) Women 40 - 44 55:33    
 Forest City 10k 8May05 174   Lynne Livingstone (London) F40-44 56:26 (0:56:01)