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PLACE TIME (net time) Ontario Ranking Road Warrior
Overall Age Group
 Mississauga Marathon 6May12 511   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) M50-59 4:15:42 (4:12:33) 4134754 (M50-59) 
 ING Ottawa Half Marathon 25May08 6537   Jose Cornejo (Oakvile) M50-54 2:36:06 (2:27:04) 140532402 (M50-59) 
 Scotiabank Marathon 30Sep07 1601   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) Men 50 - 54 4:48:57 (4:40:26) 4956971 (M50-59) 
 Scotiabank Half 24Sep06 1618   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) Men 50 - 54 2:00:22 (1:57:48)    
 Ottawa Race Weekend 10K 27May06 4292   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) Men 50 - 54 1:11:54 (1:07:53)    
 Frosty 5K 5Mar06 214   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) M50-54 32:11 (31:57)    
 Paris Grand Half 13Nov05 152   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) M50-54 2:04:39    
 Zoo Run 10K 15Oct05 997   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) M50-54 1:03:31 (1:02:49)    
 Toronto 5K Docks 15Jul05 764   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) M50-54 32:24 (0:32:03)    
 Mount Sinai 5K 19Jun05 154   Jose Cornejo (Oakville) M50-54 34:15