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PLACE TIME (net time) Ontario Ranking Road Warrior
Overall Age Group
 Oktoberfest 10K 19Oct08 479   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 1:01:08 (1:00:48) 90511157 (M50-59) 
 The Laurier Loop 10K 21Sep08 83   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 1:02:55 (1:02:40) 96411265 (M50-59) 
 Waterloo Classic 10K 15Jun08 376   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 1:03:20 (1:03:00) 97621283 (M50-59) 
 ENDURrace 5K 19Apr08 216   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SM55-59 31:13    
 ENDURrace 8K 19Apr08 169   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 50:27 2061384 (M50-59) 
 Re-Fridgee-Eighter 8K 17Feb08 171   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SM55-59 57:22 (57:13) 2307431 (M50-59) 
 Guelph Downtown 5K 3Nov07 177   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SM50-59 28:54 3955498 (M50-59) 
 Waterloo Classic 5K 17Jun07 310   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SM55-59 31:28 (31:07) 4721609 (M50-59) 
 Billy Taylor 5k 29Apr07 77   Harold Scott (Cambridge) Male 57 28:22    
 ENDURrace 8K 21Apr07 140   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 49:48 2030360 (M50-59) 
 ENDURrace 5K 14Apr07 152   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SM55-59 28:54 3955498 (M50-59) 
 Guelph Downtown 5K 5Nov06 220   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SM50-59 28:34    
 Oktoberfest 10K 15Oct06 457   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 1:02:18    
 EndurRace 5K 13Aug06 110   Harold Scott (Cambridge) SMNOAGE 29:10    
 Waterloo Classic 10K 18Jun06 502   Harold Scott (Cambridge) LM55-59 1:03:13    
 Billy Taylor 5k 30Apr06 112   Harold Scott (Cambridge) 28:51    
 Guelph Downtown 5K 6Nov05 242   Harold Scott   M50-54 28:25