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PLACE TIME (net time) Ontario Ranking Road Warrior
Overall Age Group
 Sporting Life 10K - Ott 10May15 71   Dave Nash (Ottawa) M45-49 43:30    
 ENDURrun Marathon 16Aug09 30   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 4:11:38 40841210 (M30-39) 
 ENDURrun 10K 15Aug09 38   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 0:50:47 57051717 (M30-39) 
 ENDURrun 25.6K 14Aug09 28   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 3:05:19    
 ENDURrun 10 Mile 12Aug09 29   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 1:35:30    
 ENDURrun 30K 11Aug09 25   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 3:27:47    
 ENDURrun 15K 10Aug09 24   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 1:19:48    
 ENDURrun Half 9Aug09 29   Dave Nash (Guelph) M37 1:53:25    
 ENDURrun Marathon 17Aug08 25   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 4:25:29 42791251 (M30-39) 
 ENDURrun 10K 16Aug08 39   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 0:51:47 50361509 (M30-39) 
 ENDURrun 25.6K 15Aug08 30   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 3:12:09    
 ENDURrun 10 Mile 13Aug08 29   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 1:37:35    
 ENDURrun 30K 12Aug08 21   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 3:02:45    
 ENDURrun 15K 11Aug08 21   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 1:15:12    
 ENDURrun Half 10Aug08 26   Dave Nash (Guelph) M36 1:49:33